Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Family

It would probably be the first essay everyone writes in school days. Im choosing to write again now but in a much much different circumstance when i really miss them. Its been four months ever since i met them though i argufy with each one every day. The most important person i am missing is my sis. Its always wonderful to have a companion to talk about on anything from a small pencil to Career.We grew up pampered n feathered and always wanted to break and explore. Inspired by each other though we don't admit. She always comes to me for any suggestion that starts from choosing a dress to wear everyday. Then were the days she started focusing on friends and she always want to be surrounded my friends, and i know she has a hard time balancing me and her friends till now :)

As younger to me she always want to do wat i do. My mom makes me do things to make my sis work that way :) It still happens. A Complete follower of me with exception when it comes to friends. She can make friends quickly and bond well, which is one thing i want to do it as her follower, but its really a talent she posses. She understands me more than my mom and she is the one who stands me for what ever i do to her. Inverse of my character and really really cool headed. Though mom n dad had never told me this i know she is the one whom i should follow to be self content n be happier.

Kir i am missing u here ...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snowy Days...

Snow!!!!! a thing good to watch but not to live with. I was almost pissed of with this slush n winter..i had never experienced such a long n cold winters. Its Canada and i am here in the wrong time :( ... but job doesn't know that. Enjoying and accepting what comes across is again an art of life. Its difficult to practice but not hard.

It was fall when i landed in Canada. It was pleasant days for a fortnight. I had never seen snow n i was eager n in fact very excited for winter to start. The day came when it started with Flurries at night and the next morning was whitish here and there on the grasses. I missed seeing the snow fall. I had to wait for a week for next snow and the weather forecast rarely fails here. It was again during night it snowed , but well enough to make it a flat white carpet. As usual was in early morning rush to office, but i couldnt stop myself clicking a snap of my first footstep in snow :) . It was November that time and the temperature was around zero only when it used to snow. But then that was hard for me who came from a tropical weather.

And then came dec, the xmay for which people here expect snow. I was told feb will be the coldest month. Oh no Coldest!! then wats it now ?? Then came a storm in dec to my astonishment it was zero visibility, Bloody hell how do people drive when they cant see wats next to them. But its not a fact for canadians and I could see good no of cars on the roads. I went out to do grocery with my canadian freinds in car and it was a real wove and the driving skills matter. But trust me its not very cold when it snows. The days after the snow shows you wats cold. Then was the new year 2008 welcomed with ample snow. Strom come now and then dumping snow, and the slush everywhere in days after the storm. Had snow more than wanted :)

Fear of February embraces me and there comes the freak. Its below zero mostly and the wind chill factor and feels like temperature going below -20. One more weekend grocery shopping that month made me lose my nerve. Prediction of early spring brings some hope back :)

Life is all about experience and i will cherish these days in canada. Cheers Canada!