Monday, March 12, 2007

Lo(n)g Z's

Weekend, days to laze n catch up with some personal chores. Sometimes it turns out to be intersting n exciting , but mostly it goes in log Z's.I landed home on a saturday morning to spend the weekend with ma parents n most desperate to eat my moms food :-) . Miles away from workplace, off work, mom around to get that all you need (if the visits are not too frequent ;) ) and atlast in ma room, felt like heaven.

Hmm last weekend for me went in Lo(n)g Z's n the upshots : "i never feel like sleepin again in life". Too much of anything is gud for nothing n it applies well to SLEEP.uff that was the worst headache i ever had in my life.I read recently that oversleeping may also trigger migrane..Damn it !

Thats when i realised Weekends r meant to refresh n getset to start a new fresh week. Life is to live all the aspirations n Catch some Z's with bounds.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My first love.....

My first first bi-cycle :-) dad gifted me on no special occasion , but for my nagging since i entered 5th class... it took long for ma dad to realise that i was growing... after the hurdles of long fights, loud cries,false promises(that i will get good ranks) ,dinnerless nights :( , one fine day dad declared "okie, you had grown enough to ride a cycle, we ll buy it this weekend"...(weekend !!!! oh no!! 4 hard daes to go, n'ways let me not bother him more n put myself in trouble, wat if he backs...let me shut up n act smart) ..okie pa agreed..tnx u.

It was D' day..yepieee!..... i was very curious that saturday morning and unusually woke up early n dressed up ... saturday, usually a busy dae in my dad's business. My dad was too busy to remeber that he agreed to buy me a cycle....he was gettin ready asusual with thousand things in mind...he stopped at me in surprise to c me out of bed so early... "oh yeah sorry da i forgot the plan, y dont we make it tomorrow" tomorrow is sunday and no shop :( ... "then i promise we will buy it on monday da" ...without uttering a word i ran back crying ... "y dont u understand da ..see i am busy today and i promise we ll go straight to the shop direct from school" came the voice ofmy dad...looked up @ him with tears in my eyes covering his image... mom was beside me consoling ..."appa will surely buy you da..wave him bye now" told my mom.... okie i will wait...tata dad smiled and was gone..

It was the real D day was 5Pm.... i was behind the school gate grills waiting for my dad, hanging my heavy bag around...there came the image of my dad....hurrah!!!! ran fast to my dad without minding my little sis running behind me shouting: wait de..lift my bag for me(that i genrally do for her )...all set n my dad gave a big smile acknowledging that we are going to the shop... oh yeah there it was, my dream baby(my first love)..the BSA SLR...i know it was too big for me to ride @ the age of 10... but then i know i will grow up to sit n ride it one dae..and that was the cycle of choice n style that age :) ... my magic journey started that dae(yes offcourse i got the longing for cycle after watching the film anjali :-) )...yepieee got my dream cycle n was in cloud nine

I was too curious to let it delivered @ home... "pa i can ride it to home ..i need no help,trust me pa" and didnot wait for my dad's ackw' ..i was gone....on the busy roads for the first time with pride n cheer.....rushed home with my beauty to show it to mom....she knew i will be in anytime n was waiting in the gate(thats what a mom is - isn't it??).....wanted to show off to my neighbours ;) and i went riding the whole evening to evening snack,tution,homework ... u know i was in my school attire the whole dae till i went to bed.

unfortunate for school was 7 kms away from my home and so i can ride the beauty only on weekends. i was the senior in my street and so all ma kid( i call myself grownup :) friends Q up to sit for a ride( access denied for riding :)) ... up the roar when its the vacation n when all my freinds come home from their hostel ... those daes evergreen ....really those where the best days of ma life