Monday, March 12, 2007

Lo(n)g Z's

Weekend, days to laze n catch up with some personal chores. Sometimes it turns out to be intersting n exciting , but mostly it goes in log Z's.I landed home on a saturday morning to spend the weekend with ma parents n most desperate to eat my moms food :-) . Miles away from workplace, off work, mom around to get that all you need (if the visits are not too frequent ;) ) and atlast in ma room, felt like heaven.

Hmm last weekend for me went in Lo(n)g Z's n the upshots : "i never feel like sleepin again in life". Too much of anything is gud for nothing n it applies well to SLEEP.uff that was the worst headache i ever had in my life.I read recently that oversleeping may also trigger migrane..Damn it !

Thats when i realised Weekends r meant to refresh n getset to start a new fresh week. Life is to live all the aspirations n Catch some Z's with bounds.

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