Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Family

It would probably be the first essay everyone writes in school days. Im choosing to write again now but in a much much different circumstance when i really miss them. Its been four months ever since i met them though i argufy with each one every day. The most important person i am missing is my sis. Its always wonderful to have a companion to talk about on anything from a small pencil to Career.We grew up pampered n feathered and always wanted to break and explore. Inspired by each other though we don't admit. She always comes to me for any suggestion that starts from choosing a dress to wear everyday. Then were the days she started focusing on friends and she always want to be surrounded my friends, and i know she has a hard time balancing me and her friends till now :)

As younger to me she always want to do wat i do. My mom makes me do things to make my sis work that way :) It still happens. A Complete follower of me with exception when it comes to friends. She can make friends quickly and bond well, which is one thing i want to do it as her follower, but its really a talent she posses. She understands me more than my mom and she is the one who stands me for what ever i do to her. Inverse of my character and really really cool headed. Though mom n dad had never told me this i know she is the one whom i should follow to be self content n be happier.

Kir i am missing u here ...

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