Thursday, August 7, 2014

Come Back Post

Its been very long since i pened. Life has changed 360 degrees and here i am back at the starting point. Wanting to break free :) . But can i really do it. I have grown extra features in the mean time. Its my family and if i have to fly, it will obviously be with my feathers.

Lately i have been reading a lot and trying to be on track from where i left this world. Not physically , but from the state of mind i was in. I have missed a lot on career, but i have gained a lot personally. Was happy , Was in state of shit and a lot happened. Its come back time, concentrating on what i want. Here i am to lead the way.

Im not sure if i will be able to make the right decision for life at this moment. What ever it is , i should accept the consequences. There will not be a what if i had moment. Hope my decision takes me to a rewarding position. Time should answer this, may be with another post.

Keeping it short and Keeping it open

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